Free shipping on all orders over $50
Free shipping on all orders over $50


Sticker Requests

Q: How do I get free Bern stickers?

A: Please send a self-addressed envelope with STAMP to:

Bern Unlimited
Attn: Sticker Request
65 Cordage Park Circle Suite 130 Plymouth, MA 02360


Returns & Exchanges

Q: I need to make a return or an exchange. How do I do that?

A: No problem! If you need to return or exchange a purchase that you made direct through our webstore, and it’s within 30 days, email to with your order number and brief description of what you need - we’ll help you out!  All you need to cover is shipping.



Bern's warranty program covers all of our products from 1 year of purchase for manufacturer defects. Email with a brief description of the problem to Please include proof of purchase.


Crash Replacement Program

Q: What is your crash replacement program?

A: If you fall and damage your helmet in any way, email a description of the incident and pictures of the helmet to with the subject "Damage Replacement".


Measuring your head for a more accurate fit

Q: How do I measure the size of my head to find a helmet that fits?

A: Measure all the way around your head just above your eyebrows in centimeters.

Use this number and compare this to the size chart on each our helmet's product pages.


Removing Snap-In Liners

Q: How do I remove the snap-in liner?

A: When removing your snap-in liner, please be sure to secure your grip near the snaps and pull from the inside out.

Q: Why did I just remove the snap-in liner?

A: To clean it or replace it.


Pro Deal Partnerships

Q: Who do I talk to about getting a mutual pro deal?

A: If you’re in the recreation business: We’d love to hook you up with a mutual pro deal email


Sponsorship queries

Q: Will you support my worthy charity or event?

A: We love to support worthy charities and events! Please send a description of your worthy charity/worthy event, when, where, etc. to


Other Q’s

Q: What if I drop my helmet, my dog eats my straps, I lose a part, I have a cool story, or I just have a fun video or picture to share?

A: For these and any other questions that might not exactly fall under the header of “Frequently Asked” Questions but are still legitimate questions that deserve answers, send your info and details to