Happening now: Free bike beanie with all adult bike helmets!
Happening now: Free bike beanie with all adult bike helmets!



  • Bern is bringing a limited edition, premium experience to our customers with the all-new Carbon Watts; taking our iconic Watts style, and upgrading it with a 100% Carbon Fiber shell. Carbon is a premium fiber material that is woven into a fabric, creating a material that is stronger, lighter, and longer lasting. Carbon is used as the solution for the highest quality performance material in aerospace, aircraft, auto and high performance sporting equipment.


  • Carbon fiber helmets are 8-10 times stronger than ABS plastic. The woven material distributes the force of an impact through a wider surface, resulting in a more even absorption for a higher level of protection. Additionally, the Carbon shell results in a 12% lighter helmet than the original Watts' ABS High Impact Plastic. The Bern Carbon Watts is handmade through a detailed 10-hour process, and is finished with a high quality UV gloss paint that resists scratches and protects from the sun.


1. Hand Layered Carbon fiber onto Watts HeadForm

2. Hand Cut Seam

3. Hand Sanded, Washed and Polished Servicing

4. High Compression Molding

5. Finishing of Molding

6. Hand Filed Seam

7. Sand Blasted Finish

8. Hand Vent Tracing, Cutting & Trimming

9. Translucent Paint and Clear Coat Finishing