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Nino & Nina Winter Knit
Nino & Nina Winter Knit

Nino & Nina Winter Knit

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Kid's Zipmold Winter Liner is designed to take your summer helmet into the cold winter months. Designed with velcro liner for an adjustable fit and includes a goggle clip to screw in to keep your goggles secure as you shred.



Like it's name this system is EASY! A no fuss elastic system auto adjusts to the perfect fit everytime, just put it on and ride!



Why a Bern helmet?

We offer you helmets that are designed to fit around your head instead of sitting on top of your head. You have the choice between innovative shell liners that provide the optimum balance between protection, profile, and fit.

Am I buying the right helmet?

You have access to a broad set of features depending on your need and what best fits your style and sizing. Consider venting for airflow in the helmet and a fit system such as our helmets with the BOA system or Crank-Fit.